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Dynamic heart of your OTT service
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Cast live channels, place VOD, organize your library in every aspect you imagine: playlist, categories, seasons, stand-alone movies.
Content management System

Media Management

Dynamic Ad insertion


Content is your most valuable asset and it has to be handled in a professional way. Content is our video asset management tool that will make your content more appealing to the audience by structuring it to groups and categories, organizing libraries (creating playlists, categories, seasons or stand-alone movies), delivering video materials together with necessary metadata (subtitles, description, keywords, thumbnails, technical and other information) and much more. Manage both live and on demand videos with Content. Here is some examples of the capabiities: setting user´s preferences program guides, languages, subtitles, geoblocking. Content also allows you to increase visibility of your content in the main search engines (SEO).


Take the most from your content – monetize it! You can choose one or several suitable monetization models (pay-per-view, targeted advertisement, subscription), create targeted advertising campaigns, integrate ad servers.

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The only way to fully own them
A data driven user management module with very flexible and reliable E-commerce solution.
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From sky to cloud
Downlink, Encode, Transcode, Transmux, Origin Storage and contribution services, for all your assets.

The OTT workflow begins with downlinking your live linear content from satellite to our data center where we process your live channels and make them OTT ready. Ingest is a service that allows you to downlink, encode, transcode, and store your Live and VOD assets, you will be able to set an origin server and store any video asset. With pre-set profiles of format configurations (bitrate, aspect ratio, size and others) you will save your resources and prepare your assets in a very efficient and friendly way that will fit to any device and connection capacity of the viewer.


Ingest also provides a point to point contribution capability that allows you to optimize your workflow. Because your video content will be distributed over the Internet, it will reduce your satellite costs and improve the performance of your service chain.

Transcoding and Transmuxing
Video storage in the cloud
Live Broadcast contribution

Signal Acquisition

Transcode &


LBC (Live Broadcast Contribution)



Product Management

User reports
Video Monetization
User Managment

Subscriber Management

Revenue Management

One of the main strengths of OTT operators in comparison to traditional TV operators is the ability to own their audience. OTT operators know a lot about their viewers: name, age, gender, contact information, interests, ways watching video content, preferences and so on. Based on this information OTT operators can improve their decision making and effectiveness of their services.


With Audience you will be able to manage users, collect their data, create recurring (subscription-based) or transactional (pay-per- view type) products and generate free trial periods. Create and personalize email campaigns, set recommendation engines, conduct marketing campaigns in order to keep your audience active and prevent churn. Build successful business model based on your audience and their preferences!

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Secure your content from today’s digital
Your content is your most valuable asset. Shield offers to keep 
to keep it safe in every possible way.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) as well as advanced services such as Fingerprinting and Watermarking services ensure that unauthorized redistribution and copying of you video content are prevented. Nowadays effective protection of the content is necessary and has become an industry standard that Shield is effectively following.

Token authentication
Watermark protection
Video Finger print protection
DRM protection




Token Authentication

Our exclusive iCDN redirector solution, optimizes CDN delivery based on numerous parameters, such as quality, cost, reach.
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Your smart CDN solution

Viewers don’t tolerate low quality of video experience anymore due to the competitive landscape of available online video services and increasing standards for video delivery. Deliver will help you to optimize performance of your OTT video service by increasing speed and lowering buffering. Satisfy you customers´needs for low latency, fast buffering, highly responsive and high quality video. Save costs on setting up, installing and maintaining an IT infrastructure and pay only for the usage with our cloud CDN storage.


Built on the largest and best CDN networks in the world, Deliver, ensures delivery of your content to any device, anytime whether it is live or on demand video. You just need to upload your content to our network and we will take care of storage, security and delivery. Deliver guarantees fast and reliable delivery of your content. With our worldwide CDN network we will distribute your content via the most optimal route to the end user.

Multi CDN solution
CDN Protection
IPV6 support
HLS DASH Video Playback
CDN DNS automatization
Video Cloud storage

iCDN Switch


IPV6 support

Content Storage

HLS Video playback

CDN DNS Redirect

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Anywhere anytime you want
Instant Apps, for ALL screens

Xperience is directly dedicated to the user interface and user experience. Online video service should be easy to use for the viewers and enable them to find content they are looking for easily. Structure and organize your content for easier access, personalize your approach to each user, send recommendation lists based on their viewing history and much more possibilities to provide the best user experience!


With Xperience we not only create applications for all devices (smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, STB), we create memorable engagement experience for your users, helping to engage and build loyalty.


Xperience enables ready-to-go apps for Web and Mobile in 24 hours.

Content accesibility
Account creation
Second screen managment
Push notifications for videos
Video Player
Apps iOS Apps Android Apps Roku Apps Apple TV Apps Amazon fire


Content Accessibility


Second Screen

Push Notifications


IconoInsights copiaBlanco.png
Make them yours
Keep real-time monitoring of your service quality.

Receiving separate reports from every part of your OTT service chain in different formats and different times that make you think of hiring a person who will collect all this data in one report, so you can have a full picture of the performance of your online video service. Sounds familiar? Forget about these problems!


Insights integrates all different data sources and reports in one place. You will be able to access real-time analytics of every part of your OTT service (system and business reports such as CDN, CRM, CMS, etc.) through our dashboard and make data-driven decisions for improving and growing your business!


Access your most crucial data anytime, anywhere, on any device with Insights.

LAst Mile analytics
User Behaviour
Engagment KPI

Last Mile analytics

Engagement KPI

Google Analytics KPI Integration

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